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Our Services

 Streaming Media Solutions  Education & Training  Web development & Related Solutions  Mobile Solutions  Consultancy Services

At Kayyux Global Technologies

We boast a unique set of skills and competences as required for the teeming needs of our clients. Our inherent skill sets and in-house expertise is further enriched by the network of globally recognized partners who are also industry leaders. With our partners, we provide a formidable team that is strong enough to meet your needs.

Services We Offer:

Web Application Development


Are you reaching the right people? Is your online strategy delivering the best possible results? Get professional solutions that meet your needs and represent you well.

Streaming & Media Solutions


We provide various forms of streaming media deployments including live and on demand; audio and video; mobile streaming, delivering  large objects to a global audience.

Mobile Solutions                      


We provide flexible mobile solutions and our robust connections to the leading global platforms and mobile network operators ensure our solutions are salable, well-connected and secure.

Consultancy Service                


We deliver workable timelines and efficiency in the actualization of your goals. We provide maintenance and technical support so you can focus on what you do best.