At Kayyux Global Technologies,  We deliver a unique set of skills and competences as required for the teeming needs of our clients.

We have identified the following areas of operation and we set all our energies at doing them excellently:


Are you reaching the right people? Is your online strategy delivering best possible results? Our highly experienced web development teams are waiting to solve your problems. From static information-only websites to highly interactive web portals with mobile channels, Kayyux Global Technologies’ web team will craft for you, growth oriented web solutions that meet your needs and represent you well.


An efficient mobile strategy is a must for any organisation that wishes to reach its audience beyond all known boundaries. For many people, mobile is personal. Kayyux Global Technologies is well positioned to provide excellent content and mobile messaging solutions for your media house.

Our experience in providing flexible solutions and our robust connections to the leading global platforms and mobile network operators ensure our solutions are scalable, well-connected and secure.

Come to us today for your shortcode applications, ringtone downloads, mobile voting and more.


With vast experience in deploying new media solutions for media houses over the years, the consultants at Kayyux Global Technologies can help you grow and achieve its objectives. By working with your defined objectives, we will deliver workable timelines and efficiency in the actualization of your goals. We will provide maintenance and technical support so you can focus on what you do best.


Kayyux Global Technologies offers innovative and growth focused training programmes for personnel and management in a wide variety of organisations. We can deliver both generic and customized courseware for your team.

These courses help organisations benefit from applications of new media technologies in their work.


Streaming media is one area of specialization we excel at. Having participated in the set up of initial streaming media deployments for public and private broadcasters in Africa, we are the go-to place for streaming media. Our streaming media platforms have been used by organisations reaching several thousands of viewers or listeners concurrently in real time.

We can provide for you various forms of streaming media deployments including live and on demand; audio and video; and mobile streaming.

With several service level agreements with three out of the top three global platforms, we represent a potential 200 PoPs and data centers with virtually unlimited capacity. We have capacity in the cloud to handle spikes beyond anticipated stream requests and can deliver large objects to a global audience.

We can support your audience size and viewer demands no matter the size.

Our analytics package for streaming media includes vital stats such as concurrent users, geographical data, bytes delivered, etc. These stats are presented in a variety of formats including graphical.

Our team at Kayyux Global Technologies has over the years provided services for clients in a variety of industries. Notable amongst our recent clients are the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), an arm of the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications; The Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON); the Nigeria Elections Debate Group (NEDG) and the Adamawa State Government. Solutions deployed for these clients are in the areas of live and on demand streaming (video, audio), mobile solutions and social media integration amongst others.


We know you have something the world is waiting for. Let us help you reach them all. Our online advertisement teams understand the world of online adverts and will help you reach your target audience. From conceptual development to impactful delivery to targeted demographics, we will partner with you, maximizing your online adverts budget.


Make the most of statistics generated from your digital assets. Our analytics team can help you progress with precise and real-time analysis to make the right decisions that affect the growth of your organisation positively. Providing additional recommendations on your log files, we show you better ways of maximizing your digital assets.


Web Security & Maintenance 


Content Delivery Network(CDN) Services


Messaging Systems