Kayyux Global Technologies is a full-fledged information and communications (ICT) solutions provider registered in Nigeria.  We boast a unique set of skills and competences as required for the teeming needs of our clients.

We have identified the following areas of operation and we set all our energies at doing them excellently:

  • Web development and related solutions
  • Streaming Media Solutions (live and on-Demand, video and audio)
  • Messaging Systems
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Analytics
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) services
  • Education and training
  • Online advertisement solutions
  • Consultancy services

Our inherent skill sets and in-house expertise is further enriched by the network of globally recognized partners. With our partners, we provide a formidable team that is strong enough to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide world-class products and services that would help our clients fulfil their business goals and objectives using us as a reliable platform. We are going upward and forward with you!


A vast majority of our clients depend on platforms to carry out their mission-critical business. Hence, we place much emphasis on our technology. We have teamed up with industry leaders in our core solutions and together, we form a synergy that builds a cloud of reliability and trust.

Our content delivery services such as streaming media and application acceleration run on a vast network that offers us a combined two hundred (200) Points of Presence (PoPs) with virtually unlimited power. We also have reserved capacity in ‘the cloud’ running on a combination of cloud providers that can handle any spike on demand.

We provide web hosting for selected clients. Our web hosting infrastructure uses a hybrid of dedicated servers and cloud services.

Our mobile solutions backbone provide access to well over 800 networks and service providers on 5 continents with (minimum gateway uptime: 99.9%; minimum throughput: 25 messages per second; average message sent time: 12 seconds, depending on receiver network).

We have developed strong partnerships with major industry leaders to ensure our solutions are compatible, well-connected and secure.


Our technical and development teams feature certified professionals who make things happen. We have an assemblage of professionals with certifications in project management, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco technologies and more.

Coupled with passion and drive, our people will help you grow. Ultimately, our goal is move upward and forward with YOU.


We say we are going upward and forward with you – we mean it. We have solutions for individuals and organisations in the following industries.
 Governments and Public Institutions
 Educational institutions at all levels
 Faith Based Organisations
 Media Houses
 Professional Associations
 Youth organisations
 Social and Non-governmental Organisations
 Financial Institutions
 Growing Businesses
 Individuals